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I spent nine years as a founding member of the musical group Calliope. I primarily played bass guitar with the band, was active in the song-writing process and later sang back-up and lead on a couple of songs.
Within the first year, Calliope was signed to Thick Records from Chicago. Four full-length albums, one 12" EP, and a 45rpm single were released during my time with the band.
High points included Coca-Cola licensing a song entitled "A Taste For Killing" from our first release for their 1996 "Always" Olympic campaign. The same song was also licensed by Troma Films for use in the low-budget slasher flick Decampitated.
There was a Canadian tour in 1996 that stretched from Vancouver to Toronto and in 1997 the band was invited and played at the semi-final round of the Grammy Showcase in Chicago.
The second release, "I Can See You With My Eyes Closed" reached number 36 on the CMJ college radio play charts.
Calliope are still making unique and exciting music having released a fifth album "Sounds Like Circles Feel", followed by a 2004 European tour, and they now have a sixth release on the way.

Calliope Releases

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