I find that there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment from making something.
I'm an artist from a family full of artists that have been working across various media for generations. In my case, I went to Michigan State University and earned a BFA in Studio Art, with my emphasis being on Photography.
I later returned to MSU and earned a second Bachelor's in Telecommunications with a Video Production emphasis. By the time I had gone back to school, I had helped form the musical group Calliope who were signed to Thick Records out of Chicago.
My creativity was focused primarily on music during the nine years I was with the group, up to and including building my own home studio. Still, I was driven to maintain successful resume building "day jobs" in management for both retail and later corporate sales.
In December of 2006, my wife and I purchased a vintage clothing store called Scavenger Hunt in East Lansing and are working toward becoming successful business owners. Additionally, I have been doing web design work on the side to keep my creativity fresh.
- Eric Merckling

Eric Merckling